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Illusionator, Inc. provides masterfully-designed special effects for top-quality haunted attractions.  We aim especially at the new trend in haunts: more special effects combined with a highly professional appearance to appeal to a wider audience.  The result is higher ticket sales and increased profits for your haunt.  Please see our testimonials.

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"Illusionator is without question the best supplier we have ever dealt with.  Not only did Illusionator deliver an amazing product, they provided the highest level of customer service we have ever experienced in this industry.  We would recommend Illusionator to anyone wanting to use cutting edge special effects in their attraction."
— Dan McCullough, Owner,
House of Torment / Illusion Manor, Austin, Texas, USA
for haunted attractions!

If you are looking for a fast way to add professional effects and banners to your haunt to jump-start a strong year, with high-quality, reasonably priced components that will last for many seasons to come, ready to use as soon as they arrive, you've come to the right place.  That's what Illusionator is about.

Our exclusive VideoArt™ haunted artwork, which we design and build in-house, is theme park quality with a strong "Wow!" factor.  These are paintings, printed on real canvas, that come alive with ghostly full-motion video and sound for a frightening, surprising, and crowd-pleasing effect.  They mount directly into your own haunt's walls, and look and feel for all the world like an ordinary piece of art until they suddenly move, groan, and wail!  Measures: 23¾" x 17¾", and includes everything: Framed printed scrim painting, built-in 20" LCD monitor with sound, and auto-repeat video player with top-quality content.  Priced at just $750, VideoArt is highly affordable yet made from high-end materials and will add instant high-tech appeal to your haunt.  Your customers will bring back their friends to see it again and again!


DeadEyes™, another Illusionator exclusive, is a large vinyl banner, 94" tall and 59¾" wide (just under 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide), with the image of a terrifying face (8 great stock designs available!) that has moving eyes (4 eye styles available!)!  The banner is completely customized to your specifications, with your logo and message, and the face can be replaced with your haunt's own signature character if you have one.  Included in the $980 price are the 5'x8' custom banner, two LCD monitors with built-in sound, a self-contained video player with the moving eye video installed inside of it, and a VGA splitter.  The effect is stunning.  Use it for line entertainment at your attraction, or to attract customers who are driving by, or as the misdirecting focus point in the setup for a scare inside your haunt.  DeadEyes™ is a big effect at a great price!

Illusionator is the exclusive seller of ScareFX™ from Hollow 3D.  ScareFX™ are visual effects imagery produced specifically as a scare element for the haunted attraction and dark ride industries.  They are DVD-quality video production clips designed to play on standard LCD computer screens, televisions, and digital projectors.  The video clips run 5 to 10 seconds each and create a high-impact scare utilizing CGI computer animation, live action and sound effects.

Our popular VP300 is a solid-state triggerable DVD-quality video player for haunted attractions and other walk-through entertainment.  Please see our VP300 brochure for details, and the ScareFX™ page for pricing and ordering information for the VP300.

We also specialize in full-color, photo quality, custom banners for haunted attractions.  Beautiful, frightening, stunning, and priced incredibly low.  Great banners for haunters, by haunters, up to 16' wide and 150' long (or tall).  Just tell us your ideas, and we'll do the design for free.  Our professional banner designs include text effects, 3D styles, gradients, stock images, etc.  We designed and created the backdrops that were used by Haunted Attraction Magazine for their booths at the TransWorld and the HAuNTcon show in 2007, and we have designed and/or printed banners for a number of haunted attractions.  From huge custom outdoor banners to "rules of the haunt" and ticket prices signs to themed banners that add atmosphere to your haunt to small utility signs, we can make your signage super-professional and uniquely yours.  It will dress up your haunt, attract new customers, and bring them back with their friends.  At amazing prices!  You will be extremely pleased.

We also offer high-quality, do-it-yourself construction plans to quickly and easily make lightweight walls for haunts and also a collapsible illusion box for allowing a skull, mask, actor's head, or other object appear to float in mid-air.  These popular construction plans pay for themselves in no time!

Many thanks to the enthusiastic haunters who visited our booth at HAuNTcon in May 2007 in Dearborn, Michigan.  We introduced both VideoArtand DeadEyesat the show.  You told us repeatedly that these were two of the most exciting new haunt products of the year, and you gave us many orders.  We are grateful for your support!


We know you are deep into planning your haunt for this year.  We can help; feel free to contact us.  And thanks for visiting...Illusionator!

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